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My name is Kim Caperton, Artist and Owner of KMC Artworks.
I want to help you create something unique!


Take a look at some of the things people have ordered below!

We would love to take your idea, and turn it into a reality on paper, canvas, or even metal! 

Pop Culture

From Ant-Man to Star Wars 

Portrait Sketches

Black & White

Portrait Sketches

Full Color

Architectural Sketches

Black and White

Architectural Sketches

Watercolors & Ink

Regal Pets

Love your pets? Treat them like Royalty!

Want something unique?

After this young boy who had been wheel chair bound his entire life,  passed away. The mom reached out to us to create an image of her son running and smiling. A lasting positive memory that otherwise would not have happened, and we were able create this image for her. Chills felt all around. What can we create for you?

"Runner" Pencils, c. 2016

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Take a look at what some folks are saying about us!


"What an amazing artist! Kimmy captures the expressions of each subject and her work is not only beautiful but captivating!"

Stephanie S.


"Kim's attention to detail and creativity is incredible. Easy to work with and she has great ideas. Highly recommended!"

Cynthia R.


"Kim is the most professional and honest person I have ever interacted with.
Highly recommend!"

Drake H.


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